#1 GM foods, not in germany! von coffee bean 20.03.2012 08:49


You all get to eat healthier foods when it comes to agri type of foods.

We -on the other hand- are receiving most of those foods (many of them hidden inside other food items) from the US.

“Booted Out of Germany - the Ignorance that Could Destroy Your Health”

“In Germany, massive resistance to genetically engineered (GE) foods, both among politicians and the general public, has caused chemical giant BASF to close its German biotech division.
European opponents of GE foods are jubilant.
A reported 75 percent of Germans oppose genetically engineered foods, and few politicians are in favor of genetic technology.
Over there, opposed to the US, it's actually politically risky to support it!
This explains why BASF is moving its genetically modified (GM) plant science headquarters from Germany to Raleigh, North Carolina...”


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