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Fuer alle diejenigen welche in Zukunft ueber den grossen Teich fliegen!!!
Effective 12 p.m. E.S.T. and for all other flights, including Canadian domestic flights, liquids or gels in containers of any size are not permitted to be brought onboard by passengers; this includes liquids or gels in carry-on baggage.
Liquids or gels in containers of any size include: all beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, toothpaste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency.

Passengers may bring aboard baby formula, breast milk, or juice if a baby or small child is travelling. Prescription medicine with a name that matches the passenger's ticket, insulin and essential other non-prescription medicines are allowed.

Passengers should pack liquids or gels in checked baggage.

The Government of Canada advises all air travellers to keep these measures in mind when preparing for a flight, and to contact their carrier regarding any possible delays.

The Government Operations Centre is coordinating the response of federal departments and agencies, and will be communicating with provinces and territories throughout the day as needed.

Canadians travelling in the United Kingdom, North America and Europe can expect some delay related to increased security measures in all airports.

The Government of Canada remains committed to taking all measures necessary to protect the safety and security of Canadians.

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