#1 katastrophen markt ? Edmonton Eskimos can't find housing von maxim 27.06.2007 19:59


wenn hier die sportler des clubs keine wohnungen mehr finden

auf dem sofa schlafen können, dann dürfte es für immigranten ja auch übel ausseheen

bitte darauf achten - wenn ihr in die wunder-provinz wollt

Edmonton Eskimos can't find housing
27/06/2007 12:46:09 PM


About 20 players with the Edmonton Eskimos are having trouble finding places to live in the booming city.

CBC News
Fred Stamps is one of the football players on the hunt for housing. He says it's slim pickings.

"This neighbourhood not so good, this neighbourhood too expensive," said Stamps. "So you're kind of looking for the right price and the right place. So there's really nothing to choose from."

Brandon Guillory says he'd love to be able to walk to the stadium for practice. But at this point, he'll settle for almost anything.

"You can't be picky any more," says Guillory. "It's wherever. Wherever you can find in Edmonton. It's just getting critical."

Guillory says he knew the housing market was tight, but he didn't expect it to be this tight.

"The coaches warned us about it and we kind of took it for granted, you know, thinking it wouldn't be as critical as it is to find a home. It's a task."

Head coach Danny Maciocia is doing what he can to help his team.

"All of us are getting on the phone," said Maciocia. "I've gotten on the phone and called a few of my friends out here to see if we can find a way to accommodate them."

Edmontonians have also offered assistance. About 200 calls and e-mails have come into the Eskimos office, offering players apartments, spare rooms and even living room couches.

Players are now chasing down those leads in their spare time. Until they find places, they're staying in a hotel.

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